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The Company

Petidco is a sales and marketing company dedicated to the RFID microchip Animal Industry.

We at Petidco supply all varieties of microchips for animal implanting. If you are a pet owner or a large Animal operator we have the solution for you.


The Solution

Microchips, using RFID technology, hold the promise for ending the tragic surplus to the lost animal problem. Microchips can be used for identifying and returning lost pets home. Microchips can reduce the stress on shelter capacity and give relinquished animals more time to be adopted. A shelter's handling cost will decrease dramatically because the animal can be returned directly to the owner without having to be housed at the shelter. Microchips can provide traceability to owners who carelessly allow their dogs to roam and, in some cases, terrorize neighborhoods. Microchips will alert breeders of congenital defects in a pedigree and foster responsible breeding practices.

Microchips, more than any other program, will foster responsible animal ownership. Modern RFID technology provides solutions to the pet euthanasia problem.